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unalignedfae's Journal

Bo Dennis
17 August
External Services:
  • unalignedfae@livejournal.com
Birth Name: Ysabeau
Human Name: Beth Dennis
Goes By: Bo
Age:: Somewhere in her twenties
Species: Succubus
Bio: Bo grew up thinking she was a regular human girl named Beth Dennis. She was adopted by humans, but her real mother was a Succubus named Aoife. Growing up, her family always talk her Christian values and that sex was evil and so it wasn't until she was eighteen - until she finally had sex with her first love, Kyle Williams - that Bo discovered she was different. Kyle was dead and Bo was confused, so she fled.

She had no idea what she was until she runs into a human girl named Kenzi. Running into Kenzi resulted into running into police officers Dyson and Hale who introduced her to the world of Fae. The Fae are supernatural beings (like vampires, faeries, and dwarves) that live among humans, but have powers.

After learning she's a succubus, Bo is made to chose a side (light fae or dark fae). Bo decides to take the side of the humans and becomes unaligned. This means she can go on either side's territory which is helpful because Bo (and Kenzi who now lives with her) become private investigators of the Fae.
Powers: She can siphon sexual energy (chi) from humans which can kill them, but she can also use it to resurrect them.
She can also control and lure people by touch, has superhuman strength, extra stamina and agility, and she heals when she feeds.
Appearance: Bo has long dark brown, almost black hair and hazel eyes that turn bright blue when she feeds. She's tall, thin, and has curves in the right places. Most people will feel an instant attraction to her (both sexes)

Disclaimer: I am not Bo, nor Anna Silk, and I do not own any rights to Lost Girl. This journal is for personal entertainment purposes only.

Mun and Muse 18+